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Eugenia Vittoria Jewels is much more than just a collection of accessories. It is a universe of timeless elegance combined with a touch of modernity and an innate passion for art and beauty.

We create jewels destined to last, to be handed down from one generation to the next. We carefully choose the finest materials, such as gold and precious stones, so that each piece is a unique tale to be worn.

This commitment to material selection gives each creation an aura of authenticity and prestige.

We use only 9 and 18 carat gold, a choice that goes beyond mere aesthetics: gold is a precious material that guarantees extraordinary strength and durability that defies time. We believe in the importance of durability, passability and thus sustainability.


Our jewellery collection perfectly embodies our philosophy: to offer elegance and originality to people of all ages and styles. Each piece is designed to stand out and express oneself.

Pop design yet elegant and delicate, striking colour combinations: each jewel combines the boldness of contemporary trends - with an eye on Art Deco - with the finesse of handcrafted details.

Each creation is designed to offer versatility and uniqueness, allowing you to express your personality through infinite possibilities of combinations of shapes and colours.

The beauty of our jewellery lies precisely in this: in their ability to adapt to any occasion, enriching both the most modern and the most refined outfits with a touch of class.


The story of our brand is inextricably linked to the story of a precious bond: that between mother and daughter. Eugenia Vittoria Gioielli was born from this, from two people who are as different as they are complementary, linked by a common passion: jewellery.

What we are individually is reflected in all the details of the products we make, giving life to jewels that resembles us and reflect our passions, our inclinations.

What we are individually allows us to live in a working and personal harmony that leads us to create unique pieces, full of character and meaning, with a focus on quality and detail.

What we are together gives life to a shared journey, a continuous dialogue between two merging visions.